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Personal Training, Reimagined.

Your SafeSpace to build strength,

inside and out.

In our beautiful yet stressful city, your workout experience can be the difference between a good day and bad.

Angel Gyms are London's SafeSpace, one-to-one personal training gyms. A world away from loud, bright, intimidating corporate gyms our mission is to reduce gym anxiety.

Our elite personal trainers enjoy a superb success rate in body transformations. To become our next success story call our fabulous team on 020 8014 7416.

Simon R, Clapham Client

“I’ve been training at Angel for over a year. Not only do I feel stronger, but I’ve also lost 8kg in weight. A chilled place to train - a real 'SafeSpace'. I won’t go to a corporate gym again."
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Inclusive SafeSpaces

Calming sanctuaries away from loud, intimidating corporate gyms. 


Caring Personal Trainers

A supportive family of elite PT's to ensure you achieve your goals.


Mental Health Support

In-house therapists and online support available for all clients.

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Download the App

Book personal training sessions, manage your Support Plan and get expert guidance through the Angel Gyms App.



Enquire Now

Leave your number and we will send you a WhatsApp message for a chat.

Or call us on 020 8014 7416

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