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Why can't a gym be a SafeSpace?

"Why is such a powerful word, it's right up there with 'what' if and, ironically, 'why not'?

Why do dogs bark? Why is the grass green?... or why must gyms be intimidating, loud and with no support around mental health when so many of us are suffering in silence?

Okay, I gave up on the first two a while ago, mainly because I couldn't build a business around them.

But that gym question, that one I just couldn't shake off. After all, a calming, non judgmental SafeSpace which protects your mental health, that's the holy grail right there!

I spent the past few years since the coronavirus pandemic asking myself this, why can't personal training be performed in a beautiful, intimate, cosy environment almost my grandma's living room?

And now, I can tell you. It can. Oh it so can.

I met my Co-founders in the local area who were already involved in the fitness industry and it seems I wasn't the only one thinking about this problem. So Angel Gyms was born.

Say hello to Angel Gyms, where I, and now all of us in our wider team have devoted our mission to ending gym anxiety.

No more "gymtimidation", loud intense music (bring on Shirley Bassey!), no more huffing and puffing "gym bros", sharing equipment with members and we have banished black walls, bright cold lights and industrial interiors. It's about delivering a quality one to one, personal training service in a caring space.

It's named Angel Gyms after my namesake and a nod to our values. Whether the namesake is deserved is another matter, I am determined for us to be a positive movement in this industry."

Gabe Saclain

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