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Thank you for your enquiry

You have made the first step on the path to life-changing results with the world’s leading personal trainers.

Whatever your goal, we are deeply invested in your success. Together we will help you achieve sustainable progress with a personal training program tailored to you.

Bringing accountability to personal training

Below we have outlined all the information on the next steps to becoming an Angel Gyms client.


Every journey and goal is unique - there isn't just one fixed price. Pricing depends on the time of day you wish to train and the frequency of sessions that work best for you.


No membership fees, no joining fees and no fixed-term contracts.

Leave and rejoin anytime.


£71 - £85

per session


£59 - £69

per session

Why train with us

Consultation and goal analysis

We explore your previous fitness experience, diet and food choices, desired goals, and other data points to craft a personalised plan for you.

Tailored training

Enjoy a world-class personal training experience where we make every rep count to maximise your results.

Holistic health approach

We address all aspects of health, including physical fitness, nutrition, mental well-being, and lifestyle habits, providing a comprehensive path to better health.

Bespoke nutrition

We design a plan for your unique goals that is enjoyable and sustainable to give the best results possible.

Sustainable results

We focus on helping you achieve long-term, sustainable results through balanced fitness and nutrition plans that fit into your lifestyle.

SafeSpace gyms

At Angel Gyms, everyone feels welcome and safe. Our gyms are free from intimidation and judgment, letting you focus on your fitness journey with confidence.

Free consultation with our experts

Meet one of our experts and discover how we can tailor a personal training program just for you with a free 30-minute consultation.

During your consultation, you'll have the opportunity to explore your goals, understand how our process works, and identify the best strategies to achieve your objectives.

Our consultations are in high demand, so book now to secure your appointment.

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Change your life one rep at a time

You don't have to take our word for it. See real people. Real results.

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