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Corporate gyms can be intimidating and stressful places to be, we offer one to one personal training in our gyms, in an environment best described as calming ‘SafeSpaces'

Taster Pack

Elite Personal Training Sessions 
Only £99
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Start your fitness journey with confidence! Try our 2-week taster pack, featuring 3 personalized personal training sessions. Plus, enjoy peace of mind with our 100% 21-day money-back guarantee.
Our exclusive Taster Pack is designed to provide you with a glimpse into the world of elite personal training at Angel Gyms.
  • No membership fees
  • No joining fees
  • Calm SafeSpaces
Limited spots available
Open to New Clients only.
Sessions must be taken within a 2 week period.
All 3 Taster Pack sessions must be completed within a month of purchase.

Money Back Guarantee may be claimed within 21 days of first Taster Pack session.


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